Why the Cub Series Motorcycle is a scooter for everyone?


The cub series motorcycle was first introduced in 1958 by Honda. Today, several other brands produce this category of motorcycles, and it happens to be the highest-selling motorcycle in the world.

The simplicity of riding and operating it is the reason behind the cub series popularity. Unlike the other models, this one does not feature a separate clutch. You ride this motorcycle with three gears plus a centrifugal clutch. The operational nature is so basic that anyone who can ride a cycle can ride the cub series.

The cub motorcycle series was developed for everyone and was not limited to any specific group. The manufacturing costs were kept as low as possible so that everyone could afford them. And over the years, the cub series motorcycle has proven to be a reliable, exceptionally durable, and easy-to-ride motorcycle.

New Cub Series

Ever since being introduced, these motorcycles have undergone several changes and tweaks. Many different variations and types have come and gone, but you will notice that the core design has always been the same; a small bike with a horizontal engine and a clutch-free manual transmission.


Solid Build

The build of the cub series bikes is considered to be the best in its category. It features a full metal frame. This allows the bike to stay solid and stable under the toughest and roughest conditions without breaking down. Harsh weather conditions like heavy rains or rough terrain do not seem to affect its functioning.

Engine reliability

The cub series engine has been evolving over generations, with engineers doing their best to develop an invincible engine. The newer versions are so silent and smooth that it doesn’t even make too much noise while starting up. Like the body of the scooter, the engine is durable and can withstand stress. The engine is also provided with proper ventilation so that it does not overheat and break down.

Service Convenience

The service and maintenance of the cub motorcycle are very easy. It does not demand too much care except an occasional belt check-up and regular oil change. Anyone, including a roadside mechanic, can fix it with essential tools. The maintenance cost is also quite reasonable; anyone who can afford to buy this bike can also easily maintain it.

Ample Storage space

These scooters can accommodate a helmet plus a few smaller items in their boot. The storage space is so great that these scooters are a favorite among delivery executives who need sufficient storage for deliveries.

It is Eco-friendly

Unlike other vehicles, these scooters are environment-friendly. The engines in these vehicles are more petite, drink less fluid, and release significantly less smoke. The mileage is also excellent, so you will be saving a lot of fuel cash when riding on these. Another advantage is that since they are compact, they make an ideal vehicle for getting around heavy traffic. You can also park them anywhere since they take up very little space.

Only six decades ago, these super iconic motorcycles were introduced to us by Honda. And now, the cub series is available in several attractive designs and functional features. It was the most sought-after street motorcycle and continues to be the most sold model globally.


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