How to ride a motorcycle with gear?

2020-11-27 gears  

Normally, there are two types of gear shifting way: international and gear and circulate gear.

International gear, as it is called, means it is of common use universally. To be more specific, please check the bellowing figure:


Neutral gear is between gear first and second gear. The driver can press the shifting gear down until the gear pedal is not able to go down any further. And lift up the shifting gear in turn until can’t go up any further.

The biggest advantage of this shifting way is about the safety. Nowadays, most motorcycles use this kind of shifting way.

The other one is circulate gear. You can press the lever down as shown in the bellowing(let’s take the 4 gear as an example):


Just like a circle, this kind of shifting way is more convenient, but less safe than international shifting way.


2.How to change gears while driving

We must understand the relationship between engine torque and speed, also need to know different speed matches with different gear.

For example, if we drive at a low speed but the gear is in high gear position, then the engine will not able to provide enough output torque to pull the vehicle body, then without sufficient power, it is easy to stall the motorcycle.

And it is also not good to drive fast at low gear. This will do damage to the engine.

So the correct way is first gear to start, second gear to climb, third gear for slow driving, forth gear to accelerate, fifth gear to cruise……

Normally, for small displacement engine, if the torque is over 5000, then it is better to change to be forth gear. If you are not clear when to shift, listen to the engine sound. If the sound is gentle then it means the torque matching well with the gear. If the engine sound is roaring and keeping heating up, it shows the gear doesn’t match with the speed, you need to shift right now.


Well, hope the above information is useful to you!