How much does a motorcycle normally cost?? No doubt, this is the question that people care about most when they want to buy motorcycles. And first, we need to know that the prices really differ great according to the displacement and specific configuration.

For example, take an off-road for example, if the front shock absorber is up-side down, then it is of high-end configuration; For tire, CST tire is way expensive than normal brand; Re. battery, GS brand will cost you extra money. LED lights and digital speedometer, all will add cost to the price. So without an accurate description about the configuration of the motorcycle, it is really hard and impossible to give an accurate price.

Anyway, today I hope this article will give you a general idea about the prices. And the bellowing “prices” are all for the common configuration.

Cub:  engine displacement is 50cc~110cc, then the FOB US dollar price should be something around US$350~US$500.

Scooter: engine displacement is 50~150cc, then FOB US dollar price is US$350~US$650.


Off-road:150cc~250cc, FOB US dollar price is US$600~US$980.

Standard:50cc~125cc, FOB US dollar price is US$320~US$580

        150cc~250cc, FOB US dollar price is US$550~US$1050


Well, the above information is just a very rough idea about the prices. And if you are interested with our models, please contact me then we can discuss in details.