From Super Cub C125 TO our COCO 110


In 1958, a motorcycle was developed by HONDA, aim to” provide durability, convenience and fun for people”. And this is the Super cub C100! For 60 years, the sales quantity has been accumulated up to one hundred million units, it is an amazing figure. Up till today, this model is still at hot sales and continues to provide its “special leisure” around the world.


And now, it comes our own super cub, COCO C110 made by Chongqing Summit Yittrium Chen Electromechanical Co.,ltd.


Coco C110 can be said to be a pure retro Cub. From the appearance, it has all the retro elements, such as mellow curves, split leather cushion, steel wheel rim and simple mechanical instrument. Every detail of coco shows its unique charm endowed by time deposition.
Coco fully follows the tradition in modeling, and adopts a circular halogen headlamp, which is more beautiful with smooth lines of the whole vehicle. When the light is on, the graceful feeling created by the direct light from the circular headlight is more artistic.

Turn signal lamp and tail lamp are also circular halogen light source. The brightness of the light source is relatively high, even in the strong light environment, it is also more eye-catching, and has an excellent warning effect. Coco's fuel tank is located under the seat cushion. It's easy to lift the seat cushion when you need to refuel.
One thing special about Coco is the front suspension system. It is different from the conventional one. Instead, it adopts the rocker suspension similar to the European classical pedal. The rear shock-absorber adopts the conventional double row shock-absorber. The chrome plated and colorful panels perfectly wrap the shock- absorber, which is more beautiful. The fully wrapped design is more prominent in dust prevention, which is both beautiful and practical. The complete chain case is more beautiful and can provide with excellent protection. And our COCO C110 adopts the design of front and rear drum brakes. Undoubtedly, this design is more inclined to the traditional pure retro style in appearance, and can fully meet the daily needs in practicability. And the drum brake design has better durability and simpler maintenance. 


In terms of power, COCO C110 is equipped with an engine with an actual displacement of 107ml, with a maximum power of 5.2kw and a theoretical maximum speed of 75KM / h. It is equipped with a 4-speed circular transmission and available with both carburetor version and EFI version.Besides, our COCO C110 is also equipped with a foot starting lever to facilitate vehicle starting under special circumstances. 
Our COCO C110 has the advantages of low fuel consumption, strong practicability, economical use and convenient refueling. It is very suitable for people to ride to play, work or deliver take out. Its fuel consumption is very low. 100km fuel consumption is 1.82L. And the fuel tank capacity is 3.15L. After testing, driving at 40KM/H is the most economic and cozy way.For people who likes the retro style and Super Cub C125(Honda), this can be a perfect substitute. Retro stylish out look, good performance, easy maintenance and reachable price! Wanna know more about our COCO C110, just contact me!!