Are electric Motorcycles worth it?


The first electric motorcycle originated in the late 1880s. Thanks to the brilliance of several creative minds today, Ebikes are available in several styles and designs. However, the primary aim is to allow riders to enjoy a smooth ride using cleaner technology. With advancements in technology, engineers are doing their best to make these vehicles as competitive as traditional bikes.

Even though it is run on clean fuel, it doesn’t mean that it is100% problem-free. Similar to the traditional models, Ebikes also have issues such as a hefty price tag, higher insurance rates, etc. But here are some great reasons why Ebikes are worth buying:

Less Maintenance

Electric motorcycles need minimal maintenance like electric cars. Since they feature fewer mechanical parts and don’t run on any fluid, it requires more minor repair and care than the traditional motorcycles. Fixing or changing oil leaks won’t be needed for these models. However, there will be a few needs, such as changing the drive belt after 50,000 miles or changing tires, checking brakes, etc.

It Has A Low Center Of Gravity

Meaning the bike will stay stable in corners, and it will be easier for you to balance the bike even at the lowest speeds. So electric bikes are a more effortless and safer option to ride in heavy traffic.

More Storage Capacity

Front trunk space was first featured in the VW Beetle in the 1930s. Later Tesla came up with the FRUNK in electric cars. Electric motorcycles can also add a storage option for Ebikes. This is because these bikes don’t feature a gas tank or a big engine in the front like the other models. They only have a small yet powerful charging outlet at the rear.

Better For Slow Traffic roads

This is due to the low center of gravity feature and the absence of a fuel tank. You can ride these bikes with ease through slow-moving traffic. Another advantage is that you don’t need to worry about the engine getting hot, which occurs in the traditional bikes due to low speed or when shifting gears frequently.

Easier To ride

It is hard to overlook the fact that you can move up to higher speeds easily and quickly without having to wrestle with the clutches and gear. Learning to work with gears takes time and experience, meaning the electric motorcycles are a great option for newbie riders or anyone who wants effortless acceleration without shifting gears.

Better Performance

Ebikes are continuously undergoing upgrades and improvements. The bikes in the market these days are far more advanced than the previous models, and it is not long before that they give the traditional motorcycles a run for their money. Looking at the technology and performance, it is pretty evident that Ebikes are the future of bikes. In a few years, the traditional models will not stand a chance.

More Comfortable

Anyone who has ridden an electric motorcycle will tell you that it is a smooth ride. There are no annoying vibrations, and it feels surprisingly comfortable.

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